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OTW...to the Top!

Two of Louisville's top EMCEES, Sasha Renee (@sashareneemusic) and Wopsworld (@michellssun) have entered into a collaboration to produce one of the most appreciated EP's of 2K19-2K20 (because we still finna bop it, DF?) F.L.A.V.A.

Following the EP drop in April, the duo took the nation through the 2K19 Summer F.L.A.V.A. Tour to perform, sell merchandise and grow their fanbase by the thousands!

Friday, the 10th of January, The AMIRA Show! and many other media/musical entities were invited to Nirvana on Bardstown Road, KY to celebrate and view the release of the beautiful visual of, "OTW" from the F.L.A.V.A. EP. Shit was LIT! The crowd demanded encores by the minute to rewatch the music video that was created and shot by Audi B (@audi.b) and 8twelve (@8twelve). SURPRISE CAMEO by Louisville's Beauty Influencer, Talesha Wilson (@taleshawilson)!

Following the video release, Sasha Renee and Wopsworld performed the single live, and then had a following performance from the talented Marzz (@marzzofficiall) of Louisville, Kentucky. Soon, The clock struck 12am and the video dropped to the public.

The release party was captured in full by Louisville filmmaker, Kyle Gordon (@kylegordon18) with stunning shots and video which can be found on his YouTube channel and Instagram page...IN CASE you so happened to miss out!

Shout out to Louisvilles DOPEST duo and the support behind Sasha Renee and her lyrical career, TyJay Management.

As a city, Louisville will be looking for more from the two as individual artists/producers, and HOPEFULLY more collaborations in the future! A true display and example of local artists working together to succeed!


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