• The AMIRA Show!

Finesse through Burlesque!


I FINALLY had the chance to watch my girl perform a number in their lingerie and sway the crowd to part ways from their dollars. After such an introduction by the host (also fellow performer), Shanti appeared from the curtain and slowly strutted to the stage.

They sat in the chair, and "Would You Mind" by Janet Jackson began to fill the room! We cheered and screamed!

Throughout the performance, Shanti slowly and seductively teased us and stripped from her heels, robe and brazier. IT. WAS. AMAZING. Little giggles of personality and appreciation would flash across their face making the performance even more tempting and fun.

I enjoyed the experience and my heart was so full of the satisfaction to be able to call Shanti my friend and squad member.

We clapped and cheered and screamed all kinds of "bitches" as they concluded the perfomance and floated off of the stage.

Thank you to Purrswaystions, for hosting such a great opportunity for Big Beautiful Women to finesse us through the art of BURLESQUE!

I can't wait until Shanti's next show.

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